Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chimpanzee Jester

chimp,chimpanzee,jester,joker,digital art

At long last I can proudly present to you the Chimpanzee Jester! He's ready to entertain you with his jokes, dances and all-around silly behaviour. It's been a long but rewarding process to create him. I do hope you like the result.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monkey Madness

chimp sketch

chimp sketch

chimp sketch

chimp sketch

chimp sketch

chimp sketch

chimp sketch

Lately I've been drawing lots of monkeys for an ambitious personal project. There will be plenty of other animals involved, and in the end it should accumulate into one big painting. I'm paying extra attention to this guy however, the monkey jester, since he will be the central point of attention. Next week I'm off to the zoo while it's still open, and draw some real monkeys.

It's a challenging project for several reasons. First because of the amount of characters involved, it will require lots of studying and designing. Secondly I'll use oil as my medium of choice. And I want it to be pretty big, because I think the composition demands a descent sized canvas.

I will post my progress on every step along the way, and hope it will make for some interesting reading.
Next up some color concepts of the jester, wish me luck!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Distressed Personality

hospital bed, patient,depressed,distressed

Illustration about the dangers of having a Type D-personality. These people constantly suppress negative emotions such as anger, sorrow or tension. Their personality is characterized by low self-esteem and social inhibitions, and a tendency towards depression.
The article suggested that the Type D-personality may put people at risk of having heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

Acrylic on paper.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kung Fu Santa

santa,kung fu,white witch

Another entry for a drawing contest. The icy crown of the White Witch was inspired by the headgear of Balinese dancers.

Slamdunk Gorilla

gorilla,basketball,slamdunk,digital art

My entry for a drawing contest, the theme was: "Animals in a competitive sport".